About Us

Alexim Builders – Hamptons Custom Home Builders and General Contractors which specializes in new custom homes, seamless additions, modern home construction and conversion, historic restoration, and residential remodeling services. With over 25 years of industry experience, our philosophy has been to provide superior quality construction and value while working with our clients’ goals. This stems from an owner-centric perspective that is the foundation of the company.

For all our new projects, from cottages to castles, we strive to utilize green methods whenever feasible or when requested.

Our carefully assembled team of sub-contractors, finish carpenters, and material suppliers are the most experienced workforce on Eastern Long Island, with true dedication to quality.

The firm’s core competency is in the comprehensive nature of our services. This includes project planning, budgeting, design consulting, value engineering, contractor/sub-contractor team assembly, architect/design team coordination and project management. We strive to meet our clients’ every need from project inception to completion.

“A great home is not defined by square footage. It’s the custom features, distinctive finishing touches, and superior quality that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary. That is what Alexim delivers.”

John G. Ania

What we offer

Design to a Budget

An important part of the design process is Alexim’s cost feasibility study. Most custom home builders only provides their clients a contract price to build. If our clients are adhering to a specific budget, we prefer to take all aspects of their project into account and start by assisting at the inception of the drafting process, to assist in the design of a home that meets our clients’ overall turnkey budget. After all, it is not enough to have a design our clients love if it isn’t feasible for them to actually build it.